Frequently Asked Questions

At this page in the field "Type of service" — select the type of services from the drop-down list. In the field "Link"— fill the link to the page, or username. In the field "Amount"— fill the needed quantity of likes/followers etc.

At this page you can add a couple of links in one order, each link needs to be placed in a new line. The amount of likes/followers etc. You can specify after each link

Service ID | Link | Amount





To get service ID go to the services page you can see the ID in the first column Or you can see the ID here: https://prnt.Sc/1qmv4r9

Drip Feed is a service where your order will be added automatically once it is set to our system. Example: You want to increase 1000 followers in XYZ profile but as per your speed So, You need to enter

Link : Your Link

Quantity: Enter the quantity which you would like to run for each order

Runs: You need to enter how many times you need to runs the order, E.g. You would like to have 100 followers in each run, So you will enter 10 in Runs (100*10 = 1000 followers) Interval (minutes) : here you need to enter when you want to run,

E.g. you want to run in every 100 minutes, so you will put it 100, In every 100 mins it will be automatically added to the order, and you will get delivered 1000 followers in 1000 hours

Sometimes for some reason we cannot fully deliver the order, so we will refund the remaining undelivered amount and set the order status to "Partial".

Example: You place an order for 5000 and charge $50. Let's say we delivered 4000 and failed to deliver the remaining 1000. We will then set the order as "Partial" and refund the remaining 1000 to your balance (in this example $10).

If you need the remaining amount delivered, you can place a new order, as the remaining amount that has not been delivered will automatically be credited to your account balance.

Every Service Is Different When you select a service from the drop-down menu, you will see a description field or Service Name with all the specifications for that particular service, quality, start time, minimum / maximum quantities, and the average daily speed

Yes, we offer bonuses for some payment methods. If the bonus is activated for your payment method, the system will automatically add it to your balance when you add funds.

The cancel and refill button does not work immediately for some services, while it does work immediately for some services. Sometimes orders take longer to cancel, refill, or your order doesn't need to refill.

Discounts are available for buyers who have been using the panel for at least 1 month and who have a good daily amount of orders. The amount of the discount can be discussed with support.

Affiliate Program - A unique way to get bonuses on your balance by inviting new users to the service.

The affiliate program works like this:

You have a unique affiliate link, which you can find in the "Affiliates" section

You can invite interested people to the service by sending them this link in a convenient way. After the user has been invited by you to access the website and replenish your balance, you will automatically receive a percentage of this deposit in your balance. You will receive a percentage of each transaction. For each invited user. You can use the money received for your own orders or withdraw it in a convenient way. To withdraw funds, please contact our support team.

You can add the fund from the add fund page , We have many options available such as Debit/Credit Card, Perfect money, Payeer, WebMoney, Payoneer, Cryptocurrency, Paytm, Indian wallets, Amazon pay!

If you not see any such option, please contact in ticket.

Usually, when you add the balance, it will be added at the same time as the amount is paid. If you experience any delays, please refer to the ticket to add the funds to your account.

Yes, We can send you an invoice for your deposit. If you need specific information about the invoice, please contact our support team with the relevant request, stating the required information.

To get the link, you need to click on the time stamp of the comment and copy the link location E.g.

Link format :

If you find misdelivered targeting, use the

Following guidelines: Carefully review your statistics in real time. YouTube often takes time to update, so the "targeting" may not appear immediately. If you find that the dates shown in the statistics do not match the delivery date of the order, please wait until the statistics are completely updated

If the statistics are correct, and you continue to see a problem with the "segmentation", please send the relevant request to our support service with a screenshot of the real-time statistics with dates confirming this information.

We recommend that you check the "Spam" folder on YouTube first, comments can sometimes be posted there. If there are no comments in the spam folder, please contact our support team.

Ad views are the actual Google ADS views. As soon as you request us, we will create a campaign and as soon as it has been approved by Google, your order will be start.

- Impression shows the total number of views for your publication. You can find information about the number of impressions in the statistics for each of your posts.

- Reach the number of unique accounts that viewed your post. For reach information, see the stats under each of their posts.

- Saves the number of users who saved your post. You can find information about the files saved in the statistics under each of your posts.

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